Gourmet for the Masses


This site is designed to assist volunteer and paid staff of the American Red Cross in providing food service in time of disaster.

Developed by Jon Frisch and Parky May

Parky and Jon have agreed to update the GFTM site to include a bunch-a bunch-a new resources for you, the disaster volunteer.  Watch this page!   In the coming weeks/months, we will be adding information on "push-packs", links to your favorite distributor's web pages, information on using ethnic foods, a protocol for sandwich-making, some of the legends and lore of GFTM:The Class, and other useful stuff.  If you have useful stuff, or want useful stuff, related to mass feeding during disasters, please e-mail it to Jon.  If you've eaten in a good restaurant on a job, please e-mail us the name, the city or town, and a 1-2 line review telling us why it is great.  We'll create a section for dining out a la job.  Abbe Keith--this is so you can find restaurants OTHER than Outback.